Monday, May 4, 2009

A general update (stitching)

So here is what ELSE I have going on! LOL!

Two Mill Hill beaded Christmas ornaments - Peace and Believe. I am already done the cross stitching on Believe and have started the beading. I am still doing the cross stitching on Peace. I have 2 others in this series, and I plan to buy the 2 that I don't have.

Two of the 15 (yes, 15!) angel ornaments from 101 Clothespin Angels by Leisure Arts. I think I will do all the cross stitching first, then go back and do all the backstitching later. Oh, then that third shot is of what I called "The attack of the dollpins!". It's the 15 dollpins that I need for the 15 angels. I painted the eyes on the pins (you know, getting ahead on things!), and stuck them on a cardboard box to dry. I put that in our bathroom - gotta get it out of the way of a curious toddler!

And last, but certainly NOT least, Monopoly. I do this for one week, then "Through a Father's Eyes" for 2 weeks. So, not much progress, but some progress!

For now, I am not working on Father's Eyes or Monopoly. I want to get all the stitching done on the angels. Once I get that done, I will go back to my 2-week/1-week rotation, while working on the angels one night a week, unless I hit a brick wall and need to work harder to get the angels done for Christmas. Once Father's Eyes is done, I will finish Monopoly, and work on Christmas ornaments or another small item. Once Monopoly is done, I *plan* to work on only UFOs and Christmas ornaments till I get to my 2 old UFO's that are big. Once I get to that point, I will work out some other rotation to get other stuff done. I really need to stop all these starts because I end up with too many WIPs and UFOs! I decided that I am done. I may not finish things off (like frame them), but I can do all the stitching, and put that aside till I find something to do with it!

Not stitching related

I had a parent-teacher conference with my daughter's teacher at day care. What an experience! She's doing well, but she's sensitive. She gets upset or frustrated easily (sounds a lot like me!). Other than that, she's on track and developing quite well. That's good news! I was worried that she was being bad at school. But, alas, she isn't! She does do things that the other kids do (climbing on tables!), but that's normal development. So I do feel better about how she is doing when she is away from me!

Thanks for reading my blubbering! I plan to have a cross stitch update tonight (since DH is away for the night). I have lots to post - I still need to take pictures of some of my stuff, too!