Monday, March 16, 2009

Not much to report

Well, not much progress on anything for the last few days. My Dad got sick the other day, so I spent some time at the hospital with him, plus I had some other stuff to do this past weekend. I will update my blog with pics, etc. when I have something more to report. Sorry for the lack of updates this week.

On another note: DH and I have been talking the last few days. I have been wanting to mention to him that I would like to start a business. A small one. I would love to design CS, maybe even make some small handmade items to sell. I hadn't even mentioned it to him. He suggested that we start a business together. WOW! He even suggested that I open a CS store. Not sure if I will do that, but.....we still have a lot of talking to do. I'm sure we will come up with something. He also mentioned that one or both of us could write books. I started a novel, but haven't touched it in ages. Plus, I have considered writing children's books (rather short ones, but books all the same!). He would rather write something else (not sure what, tho). Anyway....we have some more talking to do before we decide anything.

Until later...

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