Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update with pictures

Here is an update with pictures:

My Monopoly board. I started working on the outline and the large color blocks at the top of the property spaces. This seems to be making progress seem to come much faster!

My Thanksgiving piece, 1 completed, 1 more in progress. The pattern called for just the words "Give Thanks" to be stitched, and for you to stamp other words - things that you are thankful for. I decided to stitch, since it seems to be so much fun! I am using a varigated DMC thread. I love the way it looks when it is stitched!

Through a Father's Eyes. You can start to see the outline of the father and daughter now. This is still page 2:

A beaded Christmas ornament - Mill Hill bead kit. There are 6 in the series. I would love to do all 6, but I will likely do only 1 or 2 this year. This is Believe, and I also have Peace. I need to get the other 4.
Thanks for reading!


Terry said...

All projects are looking good. I can't wait to start the Monopoly myself. I'm waiting on the pattern and then I have to get the supplies and I'm "good to go"

Dawn said...

I love your work!! Look forward to seeing more progress pics!

Carolyn NC said...

Your stitching looks great! I just joined the Monopoly SAL myself, so I hope to start on that fairly soon. Thanks for commenting on my blog! The blue piece is Ebb Tide, a needlepoint stitch by Northern Pine Designs. I actually received the chart in a giveaway by another Beth! :)